Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Simple Things: Antonia Kidman Book Giveaway

I haven't been blogging long but you may have already noticed my interest in any kind of tip that could save time, money, the environment. Or ideally: all 3 at once. 

When I heard about Antonia Kidman and Sally Collings new book: The Simple Things: Creating an organised home, a happy family and a life worth living; I bought myself a copy. Then I thought, what an appropriate little giveaway for my blog!

The Simple Things Antonia Kidman

This is open to Australian residents only.

To enter all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me why you want this book and which way you follow me (twitter, bloglovin or gfc); leave your email address too so I can contact you if you win. 

I will announce the winner on here on Wednesday the 31st of October. There are a few ways you can get some extra entries: 

With Christmas just around the corner (eek), this could make a nice little gift. Or just keep it for yourself! 

Good luck! 

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  1. Very cool giveaway, I've read a bit about this book, it looks great!

    (I follow on GFC and Twitter)

    1. I'd love it because I've begun making the move to an all natural household, but I'd really love some help to make it organic too!

  2. Here is my entry =] i love a good giveaway.

    I only have 1 entry point - GFC. I dont have/signed up to the others. But still hoping! =]

    1. oh and email address - veronica.bunculet@gmail.com

  3. Oh yes, I need this!

    I follow you on GFC

  4. Ooh I'd love to win!

    Email: sarahvtran [at] hotmail [dot] com

    And I'm now following via GFC :)

  5. Oh cute!

    I don't get twitter et al - technology xhallenged


  6. Oh, that looks like a great book.
    I follow you on GFC
    libbytudor AT optushome.com.au

  7. Aww such a cute giveaway! Sounds like a good book :)

    I'm following on Bloglovin, email is awayfromblue(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. I have just started to live more of a simple life, making my own cleaning products and knitting dish clothes. It would be good to get more ideas on what else I can do!

    1. Sorry I forgot my email address anniefanny AT westnet.com.au

  9. nice blog! im following now with bloglovin and gfc!
    please follow me back :)


  10. This book would be fantastic! With only one wage coming in at the moment, we are trying to be wise with how we spend our money especially with the goal of saving to build our own home. It has also led me to evaluate how much do we need to be happy? I would love to 'The Simple Things', it looks like it would have some great ideas to get my home more organised and balanced.

    1. I follow you on Twitter: VirginiaKMason

  11. My life has definitely becoming more complicated juggling full-time work and organizing the household, its so easy to forget/take for granted the simple but beautiful things in life. Guess its back to basics with 'The Simple Things'.


    p/s: I follow you on GFC (Joyce Tan)

  12. An organised home! Oh what bliss :), count me in.

    I follow you on GFC (Sue)


  13. With a 6 week old in my arms and a 2.5 year old under foot having an organised home helps me to feel calm amid the chaos. But I need tips on how to do it well! I love Antonia.

    Following you on twitter (@danya_banya).

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. I love to read a good book and this looks like one of those.

  15. Its simple. If this book makes me think things simplier, its a book I need.
    GFC: Christy K
    Email: ca3bluujr@gmail.com

    I have a giveaway on my blog too!


  16. What a wonderful book. I can see many benefits to making things, my life, simpler.

    GFC: Mary Preston

    Email Subscriber:


  17. follow on twitter.

    looks like a good little life changing book.


  18. What a cool giveaway - with a handful of kids, Antonia stil manages to be a successful business woman and author, she is very inspirational!

    GFC: The Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter
    Email: beautyandlifestylehunter(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I also have a giveaway on my blog http://beautyandlifestylehunter.blogspot.com.au - hope you will all enter!

  19. This book sounds right up my street, would so love to win it! I am all about keeping it simple, being happy by focussing on the little things, and learning to be Mindful, so I can create a happy home for my toddler, husband and new baby coming next month. Also recently ditched the hardcore zit treatments for goat's milk with tea tree and mint soap, and starting to move toward using more natural products so would love to see what kind of natural beauty products are suggested. Just read a few reviews of the book and looks great, shall cross everything :)
    Cheers, Pam

    1. Following you via Twitter @themindfulmum

  20. This book sounds very inspiring, I have an unorganised house, a family who I question the happiness of at times and at time life just seems all to difficult. Hmm, think I need this book!!!!

    I follow on Twitter (mogy37), bloglovin and gfc

  21. Follow on twitter
    I's love to win this as it would be a great read and who doesn't want the best out of life?

  22. from every wisdom I have come across leading to this point in my life (newly 40!) To simplify is the answer and the meaning. Go straight to heart of people, of places of your life.
    following by gfc & bloglovin :)

  23. I follow on Twitter @FunkieFrog . I'd love to win this as I never seem to get organised around the home. It's hard to find time for everything, so this book would be quite helpful.

  24. Following on GFC (sayanything)
    Would love to win this book as between my two rescue dogs, uni and work, I feel like my life is constantly disorganised and I don't know how I'll manage a family on top of that!