Thursday, 4 September 2014

Life Lately

Blink and you miss it... look who grew up:

The Baby is about to start walking, Hugo has started talking, and A had a tooth fall out today. Milestones galore. We all went to Rayne Hayne and Shine farm a few weeks ago. Got our bunny-petting fix, saw some baby chicks and goats and things. Breathed in the country air. 

The Birds of Paradise are back: 

I'll never get sick of this view:

Here's my self(ie):

Happy Friday people! 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Strongest Muscle

Have you ever asked yourself: am I a positive person, or a negative person? Have you really thought about it?

Everybody is more likely than not, a little bit of both. Some people lean more one way. Me, I'm on the positive side! It takes a conscious effort thought and that's why the most important "muscle" for me to work - is the one between my ears. My big old brain muscle. I have 2 choices: either my thoughts control me: or I control my thoughts. Just like exercising my body it takes daily effort, consistency and concentration. 

Sometimes people need some help from a doctor to get their brain away from those negative thoughts so provided you are in a healthy mental state, you can do it yourself and it isn't brain surgery (such a jokester!). I have negative thoughts all the time. I can't control when they will pop up, but I can control whether I choose to believe them or dwell on them or release them into an action. 

Everything changes when you are in control of your mind.

Do you believe me? Do you believe you can change your reality just by changing your perception? Why can some people find the positive in what appears to be the worst of scenarios? People like Nick Vujicic who was born with no limbs or Turia Pitt who was brutally burned in a bushfire. They couldn't control their circumstances but they could control they way they perceived them and now they live positively geared lives that inspire so many people, myself included. They reacted positively and they created a positive outcome. It makes sense then that when we react negatively to something we create a negative outcome. 

Gaining control over your mind is the first step in gaining control over your body.

If you tell yourself you are lazy, you are going to be lazy. If you remind yourself how terribly you eat, you'll continue to eat terribly. Positive actions come from a positive mind. Don't forget that. Tell yourself you are strong, fit and healthy and you will be those things. 

Within each day we have hundreds of opportunities to choose to think and act positively or negatively. Start acknowledging those choices and making the positive one. Focus on solutions (positive) instead of the problems (negative). 

For a whole day concentrate on your thoughts and your words. How often do you think or speak in a negative way? Complaining about the weather counts. Complaining about your appearance, your lack of sleep, your weight, your hair, your job, your husband, your child's behaviour, your coffee: these count too. How often do you comment on those same things in a positive way? Probably not often enough. 

Try it. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Lucky Duck!

I have a great friend who just finished up with her law degree and took some time off work to travel Europe. A sprained ankle and a business class flight back to Melbourne (not bad for a graduate) and look what she brought back for me....

All the way from Tuscany! So lucky! They are really pretty (unlike my regrowth up close).

Not to mention the new Dior lippy.....! I am dying for Sephora to open up here. Or for a trip to the US... which will come first.....?

My Grandpa came in to the Diner on Sunday, he held Baby M whilst I was getting some work done and the little tacker fell asleep on his lap, just like that. 

Moving further into the past: last week I had dinner for my Mum's birthday at a Thai restaurant in Frankston. The old Rogue Geoff Shaw was there too, high society! I accidentally gave my poor baby a piece of cauliflower out of my green curry. He wasn't a big fan. I also dressed him in a white jumpsuit. Even after 3 babies I'm still a complete moron when it comes to dressing them appropriately. 

How good is chalk.... so much better than pen (on the walls):

Here's another gift I received lately: I'm feeling a bit spoilt. Apparently when you get the 200ml bottle you really deserve it (I do). Haha. 

 Less than a month to Spring and I am counting. Kris and I have scheduled in time this week to get the make it up monday fitness blogs happening again. It's been a crazy few weeks but I'm starting to get back into a routine again. 

Must be the lipstick. 


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Diner Update: Hi!

Wow, 2 weeks since I last blogged. My feelings toward this are the same as the feelings I've had when I had Hugo Bear and then Baby M. I felt like my other kids were missing out on my attention. Now, opening the diner and working billion hour days I feel like my blog is missing out on my attention. And I miss my blog too! But if there is one thing I learnt with having 3 little children it is that quality time far surpasses quantity time.

You can see your kid every day and it all means nothing unless you are taking that time to connect.

So, blog and blog readers: here is me taking that time to connect. 

It has been a crazy week. Considering we didn't advertise, we have been absolutely overwhelmed with the number of people walking through the doors. The feedback has been mostly positive but there are of course, as with any new business (old ones too), the negatives. We're working on it. Staff get better every day, they have had to learn on the job, and there are a good group of people in there now.

(my barista skillz have improved since the Big Bear days - hello, fern on flat white)

I took my eldest baby A to work with me over the weekend for the Grand Opening (which was out of control busy): turned her into a promo girl handing out balloons. Start them young.

I'm going to be working all weekend: customer service extraordinaire! Secretly I just like wearing the hat.

Here's what we do:

(a big, juicy brekky burger) 
(sorry vegos)

I may even have some more time for blogging again now the first week is over and things are settling down. We'll see!

Happy Happy!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Diner Update: The Baristas

We are nearly there... Monday 6am we open for the week with the Grand Opening party next Saturday 10am - 2pm with lots of good things happening. I've got a flier in the works, bear with me. 

Today we had barista training and called in a man who is SO respected in the Melburnian coffee world. He happens to be an old friend of Kris's... and all round awesome dude.

His name is Courtney and he is the man behind Cup of Truth in the subway under Flinders Street, and Pardon Coffee in Prahran. And after listening to him teach the Big Dog barista's today, I'm convinced he is the best instructor going round. 

He came in to the diner all serious, checking out our machine and umming and ahhing and discussing things with our Manager like placement of the grinder (we've got another machine coming in so bench space is tight) before nodding toward the group of over 10 baristas and calling them over. One whispered to me - I'm nervous, he looks mad. But no - looks can be deceiving. Courtney is a man who takes his coffee very seriously but get to know him and you better physically prepare yourself for the biggest bear hug you've had in your entire life. 

Something having the cafe taught us is that there's a difference between knowing how to make a good coffee and knowing how to make a good coffee and today, under Courtney's instruction, our barista's learnt so much. Courtney didn't just speak about the technicalities of making a coffee he spoke about how even coming into work in a bad mood can be enough to cause you to make a bad coffee. He went beyond the science into the realm of the psyche. I mean, he was thorough. If you're a coffee feign like most of us are, you understand the importance of coffee on our psyche. 

I'm only a little bit joking.

Actually wait: I'm not joking at all. Coffee is important. 

With 30 staff employed who are, at the crux of it, everything, we are stressing and stressing and stressing again: you have a job, do it well. Be proud of what you do. Best coffee, best burger, best hot dog, best service - best experience for every customer we have. 

Kris keeps saying Big Dog: Think Big, but ol' Lady Bear o'er here says Big Dog: Think Best. Best product, best price. Best everything. 

You'll be the (best) judge. 

31 hours to opening!!!!