Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Big Dog

Aaron McKenzie, who painted the bear at Big Bear Cafe, painted a huge logo on the wall of the diner and a smaller one on the front of the counter. I love it! 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Midweek Lunch @ Misuzus

$32 for a fresh, colourful and delicious share plate at Misuzus in Albert Park. I'd happily eat this every day.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I’m sitting in the front room of the house at my desk listening to traffic. If you don’t live with the sound of traffic you might think it would be annoying but it isn’t. I forget it is there most of the time but when I do listen to it I'm reminded that the world outside never stops. Nor have I lately and I’ve felt it.

Night and day have been merging into each other and my sense of time has been all put out. That’s just what happens in the early days of a business: work is life and life is work. But now with spring beginning the world is renewed and I feel it too. Work is work and life is life again. 

A few days ago we wandered through the Royal Botanic Gardens: Hugo on a search for monkeys and lions he could hear (!) but not see. The Botanic Gardens, like the front room of my house, is a place of stillness inside a moving world. The city beyond the trees is a reminder that outside the haven the world never stops. We sat at the edge of the lake and watched the birds. The boys climbed trees. For a few moments we were still.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Life Lately

Blink and you miss it... look who grew up:

The Baby is about to start walking, Hugo has started talking, and A had a tooth fall out today. Milestones galore. We all went to Rayne Hayne and Shine farm a few weeks ago. Got our bunny-petting fix, saw some baby chicks and goats and things. Breathed in the country air. 

The Birds of Paradise are back: 

I'll never get sick of this view:

Here's my self(ie):

Happy Friday people! 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Strongest Muscle

Have you ever asked yourself: am I a positive person, or a negative person? Have you really thought about it?

Everybody is more likely than not, a little bit of both. Some people lean more one way. Me, I'm on the positive side! It takes a conscious effort thought and that's why the most important "muscle" for me to work - is the one between my ears. My big old brain muscle. I have 2 choices: either my thoughts control me: or I control my thoughts. Just like exercising my body it takes daily effort, consistency and concentration. 

Sometimes people need some help from a doctor to get their brain away from those negative thoughts so provided you are in a healthy mental state, you can do it yourself and it isn't brain surgery (such a jokester!). I have negative thoughts all the time. I can't control when they will pop up, but I can control whether I choose to believe them or dwell on them or release them into an action. 

Everything changes when you are in control of your mind.

Do you believe me? Do you believe you can change your reality just by changing your perception? Why can some people find the positive in what appears to be the worst of scenarios? People like Nick Vujicic who was born with no limbs or Turia Pitt who was brutally burned in a bushfire. They couldn't control their circumstances but they could control they way they perceived them and now they live positively geared lives that inspire so many people, myself included. They reacted positively and they created a positive outcome. It makes sense then that when we react negatively to something we create a negative outcome. 

Gaining control over your mind is the first step in gaining control over your body.

If you tell yourself you are lazy, you are going to be lazy. If you remind yourself how terribly you eat, you'll continue to eat terribly. Positive actions come from a positive mind. Don't forget that. Tell yourself you are strong, fit and healthy and you will be those things. 

Within each day we have hundreds of opportunities to choose to think and act positively or negatively. Start acknowledging those choices and making the positive one. Focus on solutions (positive) instead of the problems (negative). 

For a whole day concentrate on your thoughts and your words. How often do you think or speak in a negative way? Complaining about the weather counts. Complaining about your appearance, your lack of sleep, your weight, your hair, your job, your husband, your child's behaviour, your coffee: these count too. How often do you comment on those same things in a positive way? Probably not often enough. 

Try it.